A Small Organization Project: Wrapping Supplies

December 26, 2019

I hope you are all having a fun filled holiday season. We are having so much fun that the house is trashed, there is a mountain of laundry waiting to be washed, my pants feel tight and the kids are starting to get a little crazy! But, we are having fun and will return to normal soon enough.

When life becomes this chaotic I start to feel a little anxious. And while I love celebrating with my family, part of me needs to find a little bit of control. Initially I was supposed to work today so I had a babysitter lined up for the kids. At the last minute I was able to get the day off. Yay!! So, I slept in and had a relaxing breakfast with the kids and then the sitter arrived!!!

The Gift of Time

For a busy mom, the gift of time is one of the best gifts ever. The morning was not spent pampering myself or relaxing but catching up on all the little things. Now that the laundry is folded and put away, the gift boxes are broken down in the garage and the dishes are clean I can start to relax a little. It is going to take more than one morning to undo the chaos of Christmas but it is a start.

Once I caught up on the maintenance cleaning I knew I wanted to really purge and put one part of my house back together. I didn’t have a lot of time so I looked around for a small, manageable project. It didn’t take me long to find what I needed to do.

A Quick Project: Cleaning out the Wrapping Supplies

My gift wrapping supplies were a mess! There were random scraps of paper all around, about five rolls of tape hidden in the mess, old gift bags and squashed bows all jumbled together. Once I got started it only took me about twenty minutes to clean out this area.

First, I emptied the wrapping caddy of everything. Then, I went through and started pulling out the items that were definitely trash – squashed bows, too short ribbon, ripped bags etc.

Next, I collected all the small scraps of paper and put them in a drawer. My kids like to have birthday parties for their stuffed animals and wrap little trinkets for them so I save the scraps for them. You can read more about that in this post about a special little puppy birthday!

Once I had purged the junk I evaluated what I had left. I already have an organization system here that I like – so I just needed to put everything away. Ribbon gets placed on the bars, paper in the back. and the drawers contain, tags, gift bows and small boxes. The larger gift bags actually live in a bin in the closet along with tissue paper so I put all the unused bags away also.

This was such a quick and easy project but it made me feel so much better. When the whole house seems like it’s a mess and bursting at the seams with “stuff” just cleaning one small area and purging a few things makes the mess seem more manageable.

Join us for the 52 Week Decluttering Challenge

We are going to start a 52 week decluttering challenge in January and I am so excited! I got a little bit of a head start today and I encourage you to do the same. It is so motivating. But, the kids are home and we have so many new games to play this afternoon that I’ll settle for completing one small project today. If anyone is looking for me I’ll be sitting in the guest room staring at the wrapping paper!

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