About Me

Hi, I’m Liz, a married mom to three amazing kids who also happens to have a full time job.  We lead a crazy wonderful busy life around here. Introductions always seem so awkward – my favorite color is turquoise, I love coffee and chocolate chip cookies. So, I’ll introduce my blog instead – what does it mean “lilacs and lost socks?” Let’s start with the “lost socks” – as moms we are always looking for that lost library book, the missing Lego piece, running out the door without our backpacks.  These are the lost socks in my life – the chaos that can dominate busy family life.  Plus, I am always the one searching between the couch cushions and heroically locating the missing game piece.  On to the lilacs – I just love them, their fragrance, their innate beauty.  They calm me. And I need all the calmness I can find.  When we moved into our home I planted three small lilac bushes and I watch them grow with my young family They remind me to look for the simple, peaceful moments in life.   As I write this I am not entirely sure the direction this blog will ultimately take, but I envision sharing a lot of our routines and tricks I have developed over the years that make our family life run more smoothly and have allowed me to have more time to enjoy the simple pleasures – more lilacs, less lost socks!