Adventures of Elfy the Elf – Week One

December 6, 2019

Like millions of other families we anxiously await the arrival of our favorite elf, Elfy, every year. He typically shows up the weekend after Thanksgiving and the antics begin. There was much debate as to when he would arrive this year since we weren’t home for Thanksgiving. My son thought he would be waiting for us when we arrived home – nope!

Elfy Arrives

We woke up Sunday morning to shouts of “Elfy’s here”!!! So, I ran downstairs and there he was! Once again he brought us a delicious treat for breakfast to kick off the Christmas season. Elves just love Hot Cocoa O’s. So do my kids! Last year we found him hanging from the light but this year he was a little closer.

HIs big arrival was in a snow globe on the table – and he even brought mini snow globes for the kids! My kids loved that he was at their level and they couldn’t keep their hands off the snow globe – he was so CLOSE to them for the first time. But still safe from their hands. My daughter made Elfy a Christmas card and ornament which he promptly brought back to the North Pole that first night.

I Love My Family

Elfy was apparently really happy to see his family too. The next morning we came downstairs to find that he had given us all Rudolph noses and wrote all over Mommy’s picture! Mommy discovered that crayola markers also rub off glass easily after one little boy decided to add to Elfy’s graffiti!

Hanging from the Chandelier

The dining room chandelier is one of Elfy’s favorite spots. He seems to end up here at least once a year. I imagine the view must be great!

All Wrapped Up

The kids were mesmerized by the Elfy gift under the tree – direct from the North Pole! Apparently they thought he brought them a real present and were trying to figure out how to dump Elfy out of the box so they could open it without touching him!

Hiding in the Fridge

Elfy found a nice chilly place that reminds him of the North Pole! Bonus is that he is locked in at a low level away from little hands. But close enough that they can see him. And talk to him. My daughter talks to Elfy all day!

Riding the Train

The wooden train is another one of Elfy’s favorite perches. He can see everyone in the kitchen and living room all day so he must really feel like he is part of the action!

Under the Train

It appears that Elfy had a little bit of trouble flying back to the North Pole after driving the train! He somehow got stuck under the wheels and derailed the train!

Elfy is just getting started. I am sure he has lots of shenanigans and tricks planned for the upcoming weeks. He normally gets more elaborate and silly as Christmas approaches so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with!

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    That elf reminds me of one we have! Very cute post.

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