Decluttering Challenge Week #2

January 13, 2020

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Did you clean out candles and vases last week? Are you motivated to keep going and reclaim your home – one small project at a time?  I ended up pitching a few more candles last week after I posted our last challenge.  I have a bay leaf wreath candle that I want to love but every time I burn it I get a headache.  So, it went into the trash.  I also convinced my husband that no one really needs a bacon candle.  A funny gag gift, but not really how you want your house to smell.  Don’t get me wrong I love the smell of bacon in the morning – but this candle didn’t exactly have the same effect.  Though it was really funny when the kids came home from school and they were guessing what amazing supper I had prepared! Ha!!

Purging Cosmetics

Anyway, today I am excited to tackle my makeup collection.  This could get a little scary.  I know cosmetics have expiration dates but I am so bad about clearing out my drawers and the products just keep accumulating and multiplying.  I tend to use Clinique products on my face so I am always getting freebies at Bonus Time and I just throw them in the drawer with everything else! Not Good!! 

So, let’s start at the beginning.  I store my makeup in these acrylic drawers – and I love them. I couldn’t find the exact ones I purchased but these acrylic drawers look very similar.

These have been storing my make -up for about five years and they have held up really well.  I also have another set in my closet that I use to store jewelry. 

How to Declutter Cosmetics

First thing is to empty all the drawers.  And search around in travel bags, bathroom drawers, purses – anywhere makeup might be hiding.  I found several of my eyeshadows and lipsticks in my daughter’s dance bag.  You never know where you are going to find things around here!

Next, I separated out the cosmetics into categories – eye makeup, lipsticks, foundation and concealer, perfumes etc.  Then, I picked through and grabbed my favorite every day items that I use every morning.  I immediately put those back in the drawers.  That was about five items – leaving me with a lot of mess!

Why Do I Keep Samples?

I wear the same perfume pretty much every day.  So, the ten million samples that were in the drawer can go straight in the trash.  There is actually a story behind those.  Sephora sells a really fun perfume sampler with around ten samples in it along with a coupon for a full size perfume.  So, I did try all those samples before settling on the perfume that I actually purchased. This was such a fun little project – it helped me discover my signature scent, Kat Von D’s “Sinner“! I just “forgot” to throw all the other ones out! One small Clinique perfume will stay in my travel bag but everything else was tossed.

I know that I should probably throw away all of the eyeshadows and start over.  And maybe I will just buy myself a new palette but for now I’ve pared it down to a few.  I know they are all old. 

How Often Should I Replace Makeup?

  • Liquid Foundation: Every 6 months to a year
  • Cream Makeup (eyeshadow, blush, concealer): every 6 months to a year
  • Lipsticks: Every year
  • Powder Makeup (blush, powders): Every 2 years
  • Liquid Eyeliner: Every 3 months
  • Pencil Eyeliner: Every 2 years
  • Mascara: Every 3 months

Hope that helps you purge a bit more – when you think of how long some of those items have been in the back of the drawer it makes it easier to part ways.

I have quite the collection of concealers – about a year ago I fell and bruised my face.  A trip to the local drugstore ended with me owning ton of products – that haven’t been used since.

Wow! I really was able to purge  a lot from those drawers!

  I took a few minutes to take the drawers apart and clean them before putting everything back in.  From the outside it doesn’t look that different but I know I accomplished a lot.  That is the thing with hidden clutter – you just don’t see it until it is really bad! We are trying to tame it before it reaches that state!

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I don’t know whether you noticed but the bottom drawer holds all my makeup brushes.  I know I want to keep those but while I have everything out I decided that I should clean them.  Did you know that you are supposed to clean makeup brushes every week!  It makes sense – but I won’t tell you how delinquent I am.

I have a great set of Sigma brushes.  I bought them about ten years ago when I really wanted a nice set of MAC brushes. At the time they weren’t in the budget so I researched and found these Sigma brushes that are pretty comparable.  They have held up well over the years.  And even though I don’t wash them every week I do regularly take care of them.

How to Wash Your Brushes

Here is how I wash the brushes.  First, I run the brush under warm water until it is wet.  Then, I add a small drop of dish soap to my hand and gently rub the brush in the soap.  If it is particularly dirty you can see the soap bubbles change color.  But, when you run it under water to rinse the soap is when you really see all that old makeup running out.  I repeat the process with each brush until the water running through the bristles is clear.  Then, I let them dry and I guess I do it again next week!

I feel really good about what we accomplished today and I hope you do too!  Let me know how it’s going with the decluttering and check back next week for another project!!

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