Family Game Night

November 8, 2019
uncle wiggily board

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After a long week of school and work it is fun to reconnect with the kids with a family game night.  We’ll grab pizza for dinner and let everyone choose their favorite game.  Sometimes we all play together – other times there are simultaneous games!

Here are some of our recent favorites

Uno Attack

This is hands down my kids favorite game.  We are on our third version as we keep wearing down the motor from overuse.  It’s basically UNO with the added suspense of not knowing how many cards, if any, you’ll get when you hit the button.  We are big UNO fans – the kids started with UNO moo and now love this electronic version.

Ticket to Ride First Journey

ticket to ride

During their visit last summer my nephews brought Ticket to Ride to our house.  My kids were enthralled with the idea but couldn’t quite play the adult version.  This version has simplified routes and tickets.  You can complete your journeys from city to city across the USA in about thirty minutes. I mentioned this game in my learning with maps post because in addition to being a really fun game it does help kids understand the relationships between major North American cities.

Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game

disney hidden picture game

When the kids were younger we had a Richard Scarry Busytown version of this game.  But, they seem to like the Disney version better.  We all work as a team searching for hidden items, racing to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes twelve and time runs out!  This is a game that my younger son loves and often picks. Even if no one else initially wants to play – after a couple minutes everyone is looking for the hidden pictures together. I love that it is a cooperative game that isn’t overly cheesy.


sorry board

I have yet to win a game of Sorry against my five year old daughter.  She is phenomenal and knows all the rules and strategies.  A classic game that still entertains the kids and motivates me to try to outsmart a five year old.

Pop Up Game

pop up game

Our first version of this game was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – a fourth birthday gift to my now almost 8 year old.  The kids all loved this game so much – and played it so frequently that we wore it out – you could no longer read the numbers on the die!  It’s an old favorite and they love ganging up on mom and dad when they play!

Clue Junior

clue junior

I don’t enjoy this one as much as the kids but its very similar in concept to Clue.  You race around the mansion to discover who ate the cookies, with which beverage in which room.  I was surprised at how quickly the kids caught on and were able to play independently.

Monopoly Junior

monopoly junior

I refuse to play monopoly for game night but they love it and will pull it out on any given weekend.  I am a much bigger fan of Monopoly Jr since this game only lasts about twenty minutes! But, the kids have fun with both versions and as I listen to their conversation I realize they are learning how to add, subtract, make change and budget their money. If I am going to join in a game of real Monopoly, I will often set a timer for a certain amount of time and we play until the timer rings.  Unlike the kids I don’t have infinite time.

Pretty, Pretty Princess

pretty pretty princess game

Ok, this game has no real point but is so much fun and has the whole nostalgia thing going for it – Do you remember playing this game when you were a kid?  I do and I love reliving my youth playing with my daughter.  She could play this game all day long – over and over again.  My boys are such good sports and look pretty damn cute in tiaras!

Uncle Wiggily

uncle wiggily box
This box has definitely seen better days!

Speaking of nostalgia, we found this in a box in the basement during one of our moves.  My husband and I are each convinced it was ours – an argument that will never be settled! It’s a simple but fun game as you add and subtract your way to get Uncle Wiggily to the Doctors Office.  A simple, no thinking required game.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

disney princess cupcake game

This game has a simple concept of building princess themed cupcakes.  Your goal is to create them all before time runs out on Cinderella’s clock.  It is a princess game but has a little bit of strategy to it so my boys don’t actually mind playing with their sister.  I did have to take this game out of the playroom for a while because they were playing bakeshop with it and I found teeny tiny little pieces all over!

I hope you found at least one new game to try with your littles.  If you don’t already do Family Game Night with your kids I highly suggest it.  It is so much fun to have a relaxed evening playing some mindless games with your kids.  And believe me – they will remember that you all played together as a family and they will love it!

Give family game night a try and share any great new games you find with me!

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