Family Movie Night – The Greatest Showman

September 8, 2019

Are you looking for a new fun family tradition?  We love movies and family movie night is quite the event in our home.  We look forward to it all week. A chance to snuggle together on the couch watching a great show and sampling a new snack.

The Greatest Showman wasn’t even on my radar as a movie the kids would enjoy. I forget how it even came up, but last weekend when I mentioned it, my son said “all the kids at school talk about that movie” and my daughter exclaimed “I will love that movie – my song is in it”. And just like that we chose our movie for this weekend.

How we make Movie Night special

Family movie night is an event in our home – and the most  exciting part is the snack. I normally prepare a chex based snack mix to munch on while we watch the show.  Our snack is never the same and I try to coordinate it with the theme of the movie. Tonight’s circus mix featured rice chex, pretzels, animal crackers, m&m’s and circus peanuts. 

I love making homemade Chex mix snacks for movie night. Once we decide on a movie or theme I start thinking about one or two ingredients I can add to my basic mix to make it special. For tonight’s snack that something special was animal crackers and circus peanuts. The kids love to help mix everything together and it comes together in minutes.

The kids loved this snack so much that they want to make it again – we all agreed that it would be perfect for Dumbo movie night too!

 All that is left to do is fill our bowls, grab our favorite blankets and snuggle on the couch.

The Greatest Showman – what the kids thought

I’ll be honest – I was surprised the kids enjoyed this movie as much as they did. I thought that they would get bogged down in the details and become bored. But they loved it. They were enthralled with the dancing and singing. It is a fast paced movie with amazing music and choreography. It definitely held their attention. I did have to explain the story line a few times and they had lots of questions about the plot and characters. But they loved it. When I told them that it was based on the life of P.T. Barnum, a real man, they became obsessed with wanting to know all about him and the circus. It blew their minds that as a kid I went to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus every year. Of course, they all wanted to go to the circus and were devastated when I told them it no longer exists.

An Unexpected Surprise

Something happened after this movie that has never really happened before after movie night. My daughter decided that she was going to perform in her own circus! She tried to enlist her brothers but she was no match for the Hot Wheels garage today. I give her a lot of credit. She practiced her acts – hula hoop tricks, the trapeze (playground rings!), juggling 1 ball, and many dances. Then she pulled out the craft bins and made decorations, chalked up the driveway advertising the show and changed into her circus costume. We were all invited to watch the show from the patio and most of us lasted through the grand finale!

I love that this movie inspired her to do something creative and fun with her day today. She had an inspiration and ran with it. How often do we mindlessly watch tv and movies? This one made her think. I LOVE that!! She is a bit circus crazed – she has decided her birthday party should be circus themed – which is so stinkin cute! My mind is already spinning and I know what I’ll be searching on Pinterest tonight.

We had such a great time this weekend watching The Greatest Showman and devouring our circus snack mix. I am already thinking about next weekend. Since they loved this musical so much I might dust off my old copy of Newsies! Please share your favorite family friendly movies in the comments and I’ll start working on a new snack!

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