Halloween Decorations

October 10, 2019

Halloween is almost here! The decorations and candy have been in stores since July, but now I finally feel like it is time to celebrate Halloween.  My twins just finished their Halloween Pumpkin projects for school, the costumes have arrived and I broke down and bought candy corn! This morning was spent working on Halloween costumes.  I like to buy my costumes from Amazon or Target and then embellish them so they are a little more unique.  More in another post on that! Anyway, since I was already thinking about Halloween today I decided it was time to finish my decorating.

Like I mentioned in Peaceful and Happy Autumn Decor, I decorate early for fall but hold off on all things Halloween until mid-October.  Then, I add the Halloween decorations to the fall ones. Once Halloween is over I simply remove those decorations and fill in with some Thanksgiving items.  Anyway, I don’t add a lot for Halloween – just a few Jack-o-Lanterns and cats.  I have a cat obsessed child – so Halloween requires black cats!

Decorating with Photos

My favorite decorating trick for holidays is to switch up the photos in my frames.  The large built-in shelves in the family room are home to lots and lots of family photos.  To keep from adding too many new frames I change the photos displayed seasonally.  I just realized I forgot to switch the fall ones this year! Anyway, I store them all in the frame and just switch which one goes in the front. 

For Halloween I have a photo of all the kids in their costumes from each year.  At Christmas I rotate in a Santa photo of the kids from each year. This is such an easy thing to do and I love seeing how much my babies have changed year to year.  These photos bring back so many good memories.

Front Hall Console Table

Here is the table in the front hall – just one simple change from plain fall decorations to Halloween.  I really do like to keep it simple! Layering the signs definitely adds depth to the display. Now I’m thinking it might need just one more little pumpkin!

Halloween Additions in the Family Room

I left the mantle the same this year – I just loved how it turned out with the white pumpkins.  However, I did add a little Halloween flare to the built-ins.

Nostalgic Ceramic Pumpkin

Finally, I always display this light up ceramic pumpkin in my dining room.  My mom made this for my grandmother in 1975.  After my grandmother passed away I found this pumpkin in her closet and decided to keep it and display it in my home.  I love thinking about her and all of our great holiday memories every time I see it smiling at me.

ceramic halloween pumpkin

That’s it for this short tour of my Halloween decorations. Now that the bag of candy corn is open – you’ll know where to find me this afternoon!

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