Little Artist at Work

September 4, 2019

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My five year old daughter dreams of being an artist when she grows up.  She has her whole life planned – she will live in an art commune down the road from me and come visit me every night 😊. She devotes countless hours to drawing, coloring and losing herself in the art bins.  She is so happy when she is creating – and that makes me happy!

She loves the art set that Grandma gave her – keeps her busy for hours!

I was sorting through a large pile of her creations (her portfolio) and I saved a few, pitched a whole bunch and was left with a pile of drawings, paintings and collages that I didn’t know what to do with.  I don’t want to save them forever, but I wasn’t ready to let them go yet – and neither was she.  Inspiration struck.  Let’s hang them in her bedroom – create her own gallery where she can hang her favorite pieces and change the art on display as often as she desires.

This gallery wall was simple.  We attached yarn to a couple nails in the corners of the room and handed her a bag of clothespins.  She is able to use clothespins and hang her pieces independently. As cute as it is, I think I may redo this with twine in the future – the yarn does sag a little with the weight of the pictures. The trick is to hang the yarn tightly. I love seeing her favorite creations displayed in her bedroom where she can appreciate and enjoy them.

An art gallery was great but what if she could have her own private studio in her bedroom – away from her brothers! I looked around her room and saw the abandoned table where we used to have tea parties with her princesses.  Why not convert that into an art table? She deserves a space in her bedroom to create – to do her favorite thing.  Together we looked through our art supplies and wisely chose what would be appropriate for a carpeted bedroom.

She is a responsible five year old but she is only 5 so we agreed that colored pencils and (washable) crayons would be her tools. Initially we chose coloring books and lots of paper. A plastic magazine holder works great to corral all the loose papers and we found a few cute pencil holders at the Dollar Store. The space came together nicely, looks adorable and is very functional as a quiet creative space upstairs.

Since our initial setup she has added envelopes, tape, fashion design plates, spirograph, bead sets and reams of paper.  It doesn’t ever look this neat but art is a messy process and as long as the scissors, markers and paints stay downstairs she has free reign over this space.

I love that she has a corner in the privacy of her room to draw, color and create to her heart’s content – especially when she wakes up early on Saturday morning! 

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