Morning Coffee

September 7, 2019

Do you have an earlier riser? Most of us are blessed with at least one child who wakes before dawn – especially on Saturday mornings when all we want is to sleep until seven.  I’ll be honest, as tired as I am I actually enjoy this quiet, peaceful time with my kids.  When they were babies I would nurse them and cuddle them while watching the sun rise and feel a peaceful contentment. 

Was I tired? Of course. But I loved that quiet time together.  Now that the kids are older they are a bit louder and crazier. I still find that in those early morning hours there is a sweetness that disappears once they are fully awake and ready to go.

My daughter is my early riser. From the moment that girl moved into a toddler bed I could feel her presence at my bedside every weekend morning around 6.  I’d whisper “shh, don’t wake daddy”, fumble for my glasses, scoop her up and head downstairs.  After a quick diaper change I’d plop her down, stumble to the kitchen and find a much needed cup of coffee.  She’d stare at me so I’d throw a couple cheerios her way  and off to the couch we’d go for some much needed snuggling.  Until one morning I gave her a big girl cup of milk while I drank my coffee. 

Well, she was hooked.  That was her “coffee”  From that moment on we have had “morning coffee” together every weekend morning.  A new tradition was born.  When it’s warm outside we sit on the front porch rockers in our pjs with our coffee. Cold mornings we snuggle by the fire while we share our morning beverage.  I bought her a plastic coffee mug just for our morning treat – it broke and now we have three metal ones.

Three?? Yes, word travels fast in our house – two little boys caught wind of the morning coffee tradition and there was no way they were going to be left out.  Now it’s a competition to see who can wake up first for morning coffee – joy for mama! It was getting a bit ridiculous around here for a while with some very early risers.   Now we all (except Daddy) wake up together around 6:45 and go downstairs for morning coffee.  I line those cups up on the counter and we snack on cereal and talk about our weekend.  It’s a tradition that has evolved but I love that they want to be with me and share this special time. I hope it’s a memory that they cherish as they grow older – I know I will.

Secretly I love the mornings when my daughter sneaks out of bed before those boys and I have a few minutes with that sweet girl who started it all.

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