New Beginnings

August 29, 2019

Like all the other kids across the country mine just headed off for their first day of school.  This year seems monumental as my little ones are entering kindergarten.  It is such a huge transition to go from preschool a few hours a day to full day kindergarten.  The kids are exhausted and I feel a little lost.  My work schedule is very irregular and I am often home during the day.  I miss hearing those little voices and joining them for lunch. 

The first day that I was home and they were not – I did 4 loads of laundry, made 8 pounds of meatballs, prepped three dinners, worked out and it wasn’t even time for lunch yet.  I was so productive and was excited that I was going to race through my to-do lists and organization projects.  But I was sad – something was missing. That was when I realized that after eight years of motherhood it was time to start finding myself again.  I can’t keep my littles home with me forever – it is time for new and bigger adventures for them.  But what about me?

When I stepped back to examine my life I realized that I have no serious hobbies but that there are a lot of things I enjoy doing.  I’m a dabbler – I like a little bit of this and a little of that.  I’m not an expert in anything, won’t win any awards, won’t be the best but I’ll enjoy myself along the way.  What do I enjoy? I love taking photos and playing with my camera – years ago I took photography courses and started playing with manual modes and learning about composition.  I love the idea of decorating my home – I just get paralyzed with the fear of making a mistake.  I crave organization and cleanliness – a constant struggle with three kids. I just kind of love being a mom and making my home the best possible home that I can.  Even though I have a lot to learn I realize I have figured out a lot over the past several years and that a blog would give me a platform to share that knowledge.  I can share my successes, improve my photography, nudge myself to decorate and improve my home and find a new passion.

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