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November 13, 2019
stitch fix

I am not compensated by Stitch Fix for this post and it is an honest and unsolicited review of their products.  If you click on the Stitch Fix referral link in the post I am compensated with a small referral fee.

When my husband brought the mail in today I was surprised by the Stitch Fix box. I had forgotten that it was time for my latest fix – that little package totally made my day! It is always so exciting to see that box waiting on my front step – I can hardly wait to open it up and see all the goodies.  I have been getting fixes in the mail since 2015 and I still get excited – EVERY SINGLE TIME!

In 2015 we had just moved to Pittsburgh and I was feeling frumpy – like I just couldn’t pull myself together – I was a busy working mom with a three year old and one year old twins.  I wanted to find my fashion sense again but had absolutely no time to go shopping.  We were out to dinner one night and I complimented a friend on her blouse and learned all about Stitch Fix.  I debated for a long time whether or not to “invest” in my first fix but finally convinced myself to go for it.

Over the years with Stitch Fix I have added some amazing pieces to my wardrobe – items that I never would have picked for myself.  Left to my own devices my closet would be full of striped t-shirts and yoga pants.  By combining these more unique pieces from Stitch Fix with the basics in my closet I have a much more varied wardrobe and feel so much more fashionable. I no longer suffer from that feeling of having nothing to wear!

Getting Started with Stitch Fix

When you first sign up for Stitch Fix you complete an online profile with all of your sizing information, color and style preferences.  It is a very detailed survey and the more details you provide the easier it is for your stylist to find pieces you’ll love.  You can also attach a Pinterest Board with looks you love to your profile.  My stylist has even found me some of the exact pieces that I have pinned – I love that! Over the past year or so they have added an online feature where you can take a daily survey of clothing items and let them know which pieces you like- it is so simple – just a few swipes on your phone.  The more information the stylists have about your clothing preferences the more personalized your fix will be.

Scheduling a Fix

So, once you have filled out your profile you schedule your first fix and can decide how frequently you want to receive fixes.  I normally get fixes every two months but it is super easy to adjust.  If I have gone on a shopping spree elsewhere I can postpone or cancel a fix with no penalty.  If I need more pieces for a particular season I might schedule a monthly fix.  The app is very user friendly and making changes is very simple.

Making Specific Requests

Once your fix is scheduled you can even send your stylist a note asking for specific clothing pieces.  If you have an upcoming wedding and need a new dress – just ask! For example, this fix I asked for corduroy and burgundy pants.  I feel like my wardrobe has a lot of really great tops and dresses but my pants are mostly denim. It’s time to expand that portion of my wardrobe.

What’s in the box?

Your stylist will select five pieces for you – typically four articles of clothing and one accessory.  They will arrive at your home beautifully packaged.  You have three days to try on the clothes in the comfort of your own home – mixing and matching with the pieces already in your closet.  After three days you check out online and simply return the unwanted pieces in the enclosed prepaid envelope.  It really is that simple!

What are the Costs?

So what does it cost?  There is a twenty dollar styling fee that is deducted from anything you purchase. Another option is an annual style pass membership which is $50 – also deducted from a purchase.  This is what I do so I don’t feel compelled to buy something if I get a fix that I’m not crazy about.  Additionally, if you purchase all 5 items you receive a 25% discount on all the items in that fix.  Typically, I will keep two or three pieces but occasionally I get an amazing fix and take advantage of the 25% off discount.

Stitch Fix #26

On to the good part – the clothes! This was Fix # 26 for me and it contained five clothing items.  There were corduroy and burgundy pants as requested as well as a few cute tops.  Each fix also comes with a card for each item that shows you how to style it into two different outfits.  This is very helpful when trying to see how different pieces will fit into my wardrobe.

My Stitch Fix Ritual

The day my fix arrives is always an exciting one.  I have a ritual for opening the boxes. I wait until the kids are in bed and take the box upstairs and slowly unpack it looking carefully at each item.  Then I try on each piece making an initial judgement as to whether or not I love it.  Then, I put it all away in the box.  The next day, when my hair and makeup are done, I try everything on again and scrutinize the pieces more closely.  Only once I have mostly made up my mind will I open the envelope with the prices.  Occasionally a price will change my decision but for the most part I want to not think about the price and concentrate on adding new and interesting pieces to my wardrobe.

Daniel Rainn Caleena Pleated Shoulder Crochet Detail Knit Top

The first item in this fix is the Daniel Rainn Caleena Pleated Shoulder Crochet Detail Knit Top.  This is a very cute sleeveless top in a dark olive toned green that would coordinate so well with most basics.  The top had a flowy fit and was very comfortable. It was marked at $58.

Stitch Fix - Daniel Rainn Caleena Pleated Shoulder Crochet Detail Knit Top

I liked this piece a lot but ended up not keeping it because although it is cute I now have a lot of sleeveless tops and I just don’t wear that many sleeveless tops during the winter in Pittsburgh.

Chaser Semaj Scoop Neck Knit Top

The next top was the Chaser Semaj Scoop Neck Knit Top.  I absolutely loved how this top felt when I was wearing it.  It is cozy but yet lightweight.  I was actually surprised that I liked this piece because when I first saw it in the box it reminded me of an old floral sweatshirt my grandmother might wear. But paired with skinny jeans I thought it was a cute casual look.  This top was marked at $54.

Stitch Fix - Chaser Semaj Scoop Neck Knit Top

Although I loved this top I ended up not buying it because $54 seemed a bit pricey for a lightweight sweatshirt.

Daniel Rainn Koda Split Neck Blouse & Market & Spruce Rosabel Skinny Pant

The third piece in my fix was the Daniel Rainn Koda Split Neck Blouse.  This was another flowy top – with three quarter sleeves.  I tried it on with piece #4 the Market & Spruce Rosabel Skinny Pant.  The blouse was marked at $68 and the pants at $78.

Stitch Fix - Daniel Rainn Koda Split Neck Blouse and Market and Spruce Rosabel Skinny Pants

I wanted to like both of these pieces more than I did.  The blouse was nice but nothing special and I am at a point right now where my wardrobe is fairly complete and I want to hold out for more unique pieces that I absolutely love. I also struggle tremendously with pants as I have longer legs.  I know that ankle length pants are a thing but I just feel like my pants don’t fit right if they are that short!

Prosperity Sheila Corduroy Bootcut Jean

Finally, the last item in this fix was the Prosperity Sheila Corduroy Bootcut Jean in Navy.  The fabric on these was a fine wale corduroy.  I wanted to love these pants – the color is absolutely amazing but the fit was off.  They were a tiny bit short and I felt like they puckered a bit at the waist and thighs.  These pants were also marked at $78.

Stitch Fix - Prosperity Sheila Corduroy Bootcut Jean

I ended up returning these pants as well.  I really want a pair of corduroy pants but I think a style other than bootcut might work better for me.

What did I Keep?

This fix was slightly disappointing since I didn’t keep anything.  Over the years I have become much pickier with what I keep from my fixes.  Back in 2015 when I was just starting my post-kids wardrobe I kept a lot more – I needed more.  Now I have the luxury of being more selective – especially with the style pass.  That allows me to get unlimited fixes each year without a styling fee.  I am going to schedule another fix for December and I am going to be more specific with the stylist as to what style colored pants I am looking for.  And I think I need some more sweaters!

I hope you enjoyed this review of my latest Stitch Fix delivery.  If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try please click on the here and use my referral code – as a bonus you’ll get a $25 credit. 

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