Organized Medicine Cabinet

September 10, 2019

Two weeks, not even two whole weeks of school before I heard it – that dry hacking cough in the middle of the night.  Followed shortly by “Mommy, my throat hurts”.  I stumbled to the medicine cabinet for Motrin and was greeted with this

I guess we haven’t needed anything from here in a while – that’s a good thing.  But at 3am I was cursing as I was digging through the mess and dropping stuff all over the floor in my sleepy search for the open bottle of Motrin.  Once I located the sticky bottle, I vowed that I would tackle this mess today.  Later today – hopefully after a few more hours of sleep.

I keep most of our medications on a high shelf in our linen closet upstairs.  I do keep a spare Tylenol and Motrin in the kitchen along with Band-Aids for emergencies.  But all of our other medications are kept on one shelf.  I know I organized this shelf last year, but looking at it now you’d never know.  I guess it was too many tired nights of just shoving bottles and boxes on the shelf any which way.

The first thing I did was empty the shelf and lay everything out on the laundry room counter. 

Next I separated medications into categories so I could inventory what I have.  Turns out I really have a thing for kid’s allergy medicine – 3 open bottles and 3 brand new ones!

Then I had to decide how to organize all this stuff.  I think last time I separated all the medications into several small bins – cold medicine, stomach medicine, allergy pills.  I think the containers were too small and everything just got jumbled and lost.  So, I am going to try a simpler solution this time.  I have one tray for open kid’s medications and one for open adult medications.

I made a separate area on the shelf for all the boxes of Band-Aids.  I will never need to buy another Band-Aid as long as I live.  Seriously, a toddler would be in heaven with this stash! And all those medicine cups – I corralled them all in one bin. How is it that I can never find one of these when I need one – I must have a million!

Totally unrelated – but those extra little cups are perfect for mouthwash

At the bottom of the bins I discovered a whole bunch of random loose pills.  I sorted everything by type and placed the loose pills in plastic bags. Those bags are in the front of the adult medication bin – hopefully to be used first.

I ended up throwing away a whole bunch of messy, sticky, almost empty bottles and expired meds, as well as empty boxes.  I cleaned all the bins thoroughly with Clorox wipes – yucky germy hands are often in the medicine cabinet! I made a list of what I need – and actually already restocked the DayQuil and NyQuil at Costco this morning.

So much better – maybe tonight I’ll be able to find the Motrin!
But, seriously – why do I have so many Band-Aids?

What do you think? It looks so much better – I can see what I have in here now.  My only concern is all the sealed boxes of medicine in the back.  I feel like they might get hidden again and I’ll go buy more allergy medication.  Only time will tell how this system works.  Anyway, I better grab my Clorox wipes and start wiping down all the doorknobs and light switches.

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