Peaceful and Happy Autumn Decor

September 27, 2019
pink pumpkin

What is it about fall that makes me so happy? That makes me feel so content? Maybe it is the cool crisp air, the beautiful colors that surround us with the changing leaves and vibrant pumpkins. Or maybe it is the scent of fresh baked goodies, bonfires and pumpkin candles? Whatever it is – I love it. It is a starting over after the hot, muggy and sticky days of August.

Fall is a new beginning. It is my “New Years”. This is the time of year I set new goals – for the school year and for myself. I look forward to this season as it is filled with so much anticipation – new school year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! So much more exciting than January.

It is such a beautiful fall day today – just a little chilly and the sun is shining. After a long walk around the neighborhood this morning I came home and knew that I just had to start decorating for fall. Fall – not Halloween. While I enjoy Halloween I don’t want to stare at skeletons and witches for a month and a half. That just doesn’t seem peaceful to me. I will decorate for Halloween mid-October because my kids are crazy about Halloween.  But it’s too early for that.  Just a few well placed pumpkins for now – to spice up our lives a little.

 I love changing up our décor with the seasons and am always looking for new pieces to add to our collection.  It is great to be at a stage where I have everything I need, so I can be really picky about what I purchase and add to our home.  I was wandering Home Goods the other day and fell in love with this pink pumpkin.  I knew it had to come home with me.  The poor pumpkin has been lonely sitting in my front hall all by itself.  So, it seems only fair to bring out the rest of the decorations.

pink pumpkin on table

I store my seasonal decorations in a few different bins in the basement.  The one I brought up today holds generic fall decorations – pumpkins, leaf garlands, crafts the kids have made and a few signs.  The jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween oriented decorations are in their own bin – to come upstairs in October.  My third bin has a few Thanksgiving turkeys that will make an appearance in November.  There is one more bin down there – it has all the gaudy, creepy, and silly Halloween decorations.  These belong to the kids and every year they convert our basement into a Haunted House.  It is a cute tradition we started several years ago and they LOVE having their own space to decorate.  Anything goes – and they love scaring us as we wander through their Haunted House.  Once it’s up and running for the season I’ll be sure to share it with you.

Once I place the decorations around the house the most important thing I do is pack up a bunch of the decorations that are already out.  No one will notice the pretty fall pumpkins if the shelves are cluttered with all sorts of photos and vases.  I try to keep out a few of my normal things but a lot gets packed away until January.  Changing home décor is also a great time to dust and wipe down all those hard to reach places.  The ladder is already out so I might as well have a clean house too.

I just had to share a few of the decorations around my home that make me so happy – so here goes!

mantle with pumpkins
small white pumpkin
I love the way the fresh white pumpkins contrast with these cute mini pumpkins I picked up at Target last year.
I kind of have a thing for vintage trucks when I decorate for the Holidays – when I saw this at a craft fair a couple years ago I just had to buy it.
red truck autumn pillow
Another red truck – definitely a theme!

A few simple changes make the house feel so much cozier.  Making the time to decorate my home and catch up on all the little things makes me feel content.  I can see the joy in all the little things when I get this chance to reset my home and my mind.  Tomorrow will come and I will be back at work and stressed out about getting it all done.  But for now you can find me admiring the view from the front porch

front porch decorated for fall
I love the way this came together – Now if only someone other than the UPS Guy would come to my front door!

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  • Reply Erin Palko October 4, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    Looking at these pictures makes me so happy. Yay, fall!!!!

    • Reply Liz October 4, 2019 at 9:17 pm

      I agree – yay fall!

  • Reply Chocoviv September 28, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons..

    • Reply Liz September 28, 2019 at 5:58 pm

      Glad you love it too!

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