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September 2, 2019

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Some days I feel like I live at Legoland.  There are LEGO bricks everywhere in my house. I’m pretty sure there may even be some hiding in my bed.  So, what’s a mom to do? Organize them, of course.

Does your LEGO storage look like this?

There are multiple types of LEGO bricks in our house and we do a really good job of keeping everything separate. I love LEGO bricks for creative play, but the kids get so frustrated when they can’t find all the pieces to their sets. So we have devised a system for separation and organization that allows us to be creative while keeping our good sets intact.

Duplo Blocks

We have mostly outgrown Duplo blocks at this stage. But, my children have amazing telepathic abilities, and every time I am about to get rid of the Duplo someone asks “where are those big LEGO blocks? I need them”. Since we’ve spent a small fortune on these over the years, I drag them back out of my hiding spot in the basement and the kids play with them for a day or two.  These toys just live in a big bin and are realistically (hopefully!) on their way out.

Old LEGO bricks

We have a large collection of LEGO bricks that belonged to my brother about 20 years ago. These are all mismatched sets with no instruction that are great for creative building and LEGO challenges. We store them in these super cute and stackable LEGO bins.

Daddy’s LEGO sets

These are my husband’s LEGO sets from 30 years ago. These bricks must not be mixed with any other sets and we cannot take apart the built structures since we have no directions and Daddy would be crushed.  My husband hides these LEGO constructions from the kids in the hall closet. They are not my domain and only come out to play for special time with Daddy when I’m working late!

A fraction of Dad’s collection!

The Big LEGO Project

The big LEGO project – my husband and oldest son started the tradition of building a large LEGO set together (think Disney Castle, Hogwarts) every night for about 20 minutes while I put the younger two kids to bed.  My son looks forward to LEGO time with Daddy every night. It makes me so happy that they have this special time together doing something they both love.  These LEGO sets are also not mine to organize and they have a large folding table set up in my guest room at all times with their current project.  We are starting to run out of room to display their creations though!


LEGO Sets are where it gets complicated – and where I have accomplished the most organization.  My oldest son is very particular about keeping his sets organized – a trait he seems to have inherited from his father. His LEGO sets cannot mix and he loses his mind if pieces are missing.  He has always taken very good care of his toys and works hard to keep them organized.  The question for me has always been how to store them.  When he only had a few sets it was easy – I just used whatever random bins with lids I had.  Now that he has over 40 sets and the twins are catching up to that number I needed consistency.  I needed bins that stacked neatly.  That’s when I invested in clear plastic shoe boxes from the Container Store.

  These bins are great because they stack easily together, are clear and are relatively inexpensive.  I buy them in a pack of twenty which reduces the price to just under $2 each. The larger sets go in the mens shoe boxes which still stack, but are taller.  Inside each box I keep the instructions and all the LEGO pieces.  The shelves have some empty space to store completed LEGO projects, but my kids are still at ages where they will take them apart, store them and rebuild.  This system has worked well for us for the past few years. 

My son has large wire shelves in his closet where we keep all his LEGO sets.
My daughter’s LEGO sets fit nicely on this wooden shelf in her closet.
These bins also work great in cube shelves like we have in my youngest son’s room. Look at that awesome LEGO pencil holder he built!

The LEGO Bag

I love this Drawstring Storage Bag and Mat. We don’t use it for long term storage of LEGO pieces, but you could. It is so easy. If the kids bring their LEGO sets into the family room I have them use this mat to keep them contained. They can also spread the LEGO pieces out better than in the bins so they have better access to them. The best part is that when they are done we can either temporarily keep all the pieces in the bag or dump them right back in to the storage containers.

The mat spreads out flat for a clean play surface.
Easy clean up!

We love these solutions for our LEGO collection and hope you do too. I figure as long as you aren’t stepping on bricks you are doing good!! A great system can always be improved so please leave any tips or suggestions in the comments.

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