What’s in a name?

August 27, 2019

Lilacs and lost socks seems like a silly name for yet another mommy blog.  What does it mean?

First – I love lilacs – the scent, the beautiful purple blooms.  They just scream spring and warm weather.  When we built our home we planted three lilac bushes in the yard and they are still quite small but I dream of the day that they overtake the other plants and I have a dreamy, deliciously scented corner of the world in which to relax.

View of lilac bushes in my yard
Nothing exciting yet but I dream of the day these lilacs grow!

We all find joy and peace in different ways and finding those things that help me relax and feel calm have made me a better mom and wife. Lilacs are definitely one of those things.  I also love citrus scented hand lotion, chamomile citrus tea and a good book.

  I rarely find time to curl up with a book, but every time I use my favorite hand lotion I feel just a little calmer and more in control.  My cup of tea after the kids are in bed brings me joy – even if I’m sipping on it while I pack lunches.  I’ve learned that these little indulgences are such an important part of maintaining an inner sense of peace and calm.

And the lost socks – well, 90% of the time I am in a hurried craze looking for lost shoes, library books, legos, stuffed animals and just about anything else that three kids and a husband can misplace. 

I love my crazy life and find joy in the chaos.  But it can be overwhelming at times.  I’ve tried to streamline the mundane tasks of running a household so that my time at home is spent more valuably with my family.  I hope you’ll join me as I dream of sipping that cup of tea in the garden – while I fold those never ending baskets of laundry.

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